4 ideas for exceptional trips to the islands

We’re in.After having criss-crossed Europe thanks to our good plans, you finally have the opportunity to travel further afield for a total change of scenery.

Whether it’s because your grandmother has planned big Christmas presents, because your friends have been generous as you’ve spent the last decade, or because you’ve saved your money by using violence not to try all the restaurants in your city (we understand how difficult it can be): you’ve earned the right to spend an unforgettable holiday.So we’ve made a small selection of exceptional destinations for you!

Rodrigues is a small paradise island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, only 1h30 by plane from Mauritius, which offers a kitesurfing spot like nowhere else.The island has been hosting the Rodrigues International Kitesurf festival for several years (which includes competitions AND barbecues!!).A quick word from the CityCrunch team: We are fully aware that these trips are not accessible to everyone, but we also wanted to give some ideas for those who have been asking us for a while for a more distant selection to book in case of exceptional events!  I tried my used kitesurf equiment fir the 1st time, just amazing ! 

10 best places to kitesurf: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/best-places-to-kitesurf

At more than 9,000 kms from Lyon, we heard that for the good of this island and its premises, and as fans of board sports in the team (mountain AND sea), we couldn’t miss this destination.

What time of the year do you leave? We recommend the month of June, the festival period.

The most? The lagoon, twice the size of the island, offers magnificent diving spots in addition to the magnificent view for kiteboarding.

When you leave for such faraway destinations, you want to be able to see as many things as possible! At least that’s what the team thinks.If you can allow ten days for this trip, we vote for this Dubai/Maldives combo.

We have also selected it because we know that many of you enjoy wild road trips as much as you do visits to more lively cities.

What time of the year do you leave? In the month of March

Where to stay? In Dubai’s bustling Downtown district…

The most? So you will be able to scratch two areas in your scratch card (this is an important detail, yes it is!).

Not long ago, the team was talking about all these destinations that we don’t hear so much about, and if you type Kenya in Google Images, you’ll quickly understand why we had to include it in our selection.

In order to find food and water, there are between 1 and 2 million wildebeest to cross from south to north (we typed the definition of a wildebeest in Google to explain what it is, but a picture is worth a thousand words as they say…).

What time of the year do you leave? Between July and October, these animals can be observed in Kenya, in the Maasai Mara Park.In September, you will witness their migration! Which stay to choose? The Kenya/Zanzibar combination, combining wilderness safaris and idleness on heavenly beaches

If you’re a fan of color, partying and music, you’ll be served when you leave for Tahiti! Songs, dances and traditions are on the programme of the Heiva i Tahiti festival, which takes place every year.